In June of 2020, eight Professional Organizers across the country were invited to become members of The Keys Guild. They helped shape the program we are offering you today. After teaching these “Founding Keys” only a small fraction of what you will learn over the next year, they saw success and made money

As a special invitation, we are now looking to grow our group to 200 members. Referred to as a Key 200, you now have the opportunity to learn as the Founding Keys did and make money doing it! You will be able to add Collectibles Advisor to the services you already provide as a Professional Organizer, giving your clients another avenue to declutter their things. The best part is that both you and your client will make money through this process! 

As a Key 200, the Keys Guild will continue to be able to grow and leverage discounts and deals with our partners that will strengthen what we are able to do as an organization. There is power in numbers! We have already negotiated special discounts with important auction houses and dealers. We have examples of auction house seller fees being discounted by over 50%. That creates a lot of room to help our clients and make money doing so. These discounts have come with only eight founding members so you can imagine how this will strengthen as we grow. Our ultimate goal is to grow to 2000 members or more, so it will be a great marketing message when you inform your clients you were part of the first group of Professional Collectibles Advisors in the country. The opportunity to join now gives you an advantage ahead of your peers, to be more diverse in your offerings that gives you a competitive edge, and helps grow and shape what will be the largest collectibles organization in the world. 

Your success as a Collectible Advisor is paramount to the success of The Keys Guild. All resources combined with our full team effort will be dedicated to help you and your clients make money and grow your business!

The starting cost to be a Gold Member of The Keys Guild is typically $1200 for the training which includes one year of access to all our online member resources. This cost will increase to new members as our training curriculum expands and we add new industry partner perks. As a special invitation, Key 200 members will only pay $600 for training!  You not only get the introductory rate but a discount on that rate! This will include all online resources for one year and all members will pay $50 per month after their first year of membership.

The reason we are committing our attention and resources to the first 200 members is because we know we will learn so much as we work with this size group. The initial training programs are in place and we will be adding courses weekly.  Having feedback and seeing real time results of our training courses will insure we are growing in the right direction. In return for the discount we are offering, combined with higher levels of attention we will be providing, we will ask for feedback, creative input and patience as we develop our programs and expand our industry partners. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something very special. We look forward to helping you make 2021 your best year yet!

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