The Keys Guild is the only organization that establishes YOU as the collectibles resource for your clients

As you’re working with clients in their homes, you’re frequently handling items that may be too valuable to donate — but how do you know for sure?

Through the education and resources inside The Keys Guild, you’ll never again wonder if your clients are donating something valuable. A Keys Guild membership is the quickest, simplest way to become the only person your clients turn to with items they no longer need.

The Keys Guild is a community of professionals bridging the gap between individuals with unwanted items in their homes & the experts who know their value — AND where to sell them.

YOU are the key to unlocking the value of your clients’ treasures.

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The Keys Guild is right for you if:


You want to be the expert your clients turn to AND earn extra income while you're at it.


You want to do less of the heavy-lifting and make considerably more per hour than you do already.


You want to separate yourself from other professionals in your industry and bring even more value to your clients.


You want more resources to find the right homes for your clients’ belongings.


You have gaps in your schedule you’d love to fill with paid work.

What You Get With Your Keys Guild Membership

Knowledge & support that makes YOU the specialist your client needs.
Special Presentations to Gain Confidence as a Collectibles Advisor
Facebook Private Group to Connect With Other Professionals Who Help Identify Valuables With You
Private Mastermind Opportunities to Grow This Untapped Revenue Stream
Risk-Free 24 Hour Trial Membership. Cancel Within 24 Hours And Your Card Will Not Be Charged
Keys Guild Newsletter that Will Keep You Informed on Ways You Can Earn Money For Yourself AND Your Clients
Member Message Portal to Connect With Professionals Who Can Answer Your Questions
Make Your Clients More Money Than They Can Through Estate or Online Sales Via Industry Perks & Discounts
Video Events to Increase Your Knowledge & Help Your Clients More
Collectibles Expert Access That Places You Ahead of Other Professionals in Your Industry
Access to Charles Tinsley’s 17 years of industry knowledge. It’s like having an appraiser in your back pocket!
Video Events & Trainings that give you frequent access to Charles’ appraisal skill

Courses that will teach you exactly what to look for to help your clients identify valuable items in their homes. Courses cover:


Jewelry Training

Training on jewelry and precious metals so you can identify the top moneymaker for your clients



Learn to identify and value silver


Diamonds & Gemstones

Introduction to identifying diamonds and gemstones


Coin Collections

Know what to watch for in coin collections


Replicas & Fakes

How to spot replicas or fake watches and timepieces



Learn to identify original art and the resources you need in the art world


Online Tools

Understand which online auction tools and platforms to use


Valuation & Appraisals

Learn the difference between valuation and appraisals

The Keys Guild is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to determine an item’s value so you can help your clients feel at ease and find the right home for their belongings.

SOUND FAMILIAR? If you get questions like these from your clients, then you need The Keys Guild!

Your clients are overwhelmed with stuff, so it’s easy to gloss over potentially valuable items — especially when they don’t know where to turn to get something valued. What if YOU could be the person they turn to?

The Keys Guild is the only organization providing a simple solution to this very common problem.

How would it change your business to:

The Keys Guild is more than a membership. . .

It’s an untapped revenue stream that will significantly increase your income AND amaze your clients.
Current members typically earned several times the annual membership fee in their very first transaction. And you won’t believe how easy it is to become a collectibles advisor!


You actually don’t! The magic of The Keys Guild is that you’ll have access to a nationwide network of collectors and experts who will become your resources. Created with busy service professionals in mind, The Keys Guild is specifically designed to connect you with the right experts so you won’t have to become an expert yourself, but simply an advisor and consultant.
It’s actually surprisingly easy — really! No heavy lifting required. You won’t be coordinating huge estate sales or spending hours managing online sales. You’ll simply be educating your clients, tracking down information that will help them, and then coordinating transactions that will earn you both significant amounts of money.

You’re handling the objects in your clients’ homes already — so why not make them the money it’s worth and significantly increase your revenue stream per job? The Keys Guild was created because of the natural symbiotic relationship between professionals who work with people in their homes and collectibles advising. So the real question is, why wouldn’t you become a member of The Keys Guild?

Currently, membership is $75 per month or $450 annually (a $450 savings!). Stand out from other professionals in your area by becoming one of the Key 500 — our exclusive group of leaders joining this untapped industry. Join now before membership pricing goes up!

Your Keys Guild Membership renews on your anniversary each year, rather than the calendar year. Let’s say you join on December 31st — that’s okay! Your membership will then be due the following year on the same date.

Each member within The Keys Guild chooses to do things differently, but most commonly the member will either buy the item outright from the client for a good value OR they broker the item for the client. Some members will list & sell items for their clients or connect them with the right buyer through our vast network.
In short? It depends! But it really is easy and involves NO gimmicks or tricks. Clients are always thrilled and earn more than they could elsewhere.

We believe The Keys Guild sounds too good to be true because there’s never been an organization like it before — connecting individuals with unwanted items in their homes with experts who want to buy them. With all the extra stuff people have in their homes these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to turn when you’re wondering if you have something valuable. The Keys Guild is the only organization providing a simple solution to a very common problem.
You could join us today, and start advising your clients tomorrow. Collectibles advising truly is a learn-as-you-go process. Our members encounter new client treasures and then go through the discovery process with The Keys Guild resources. They come together in our private Facebook group to share photos and questions, supporting one another as they learn more about the industry. I’m in there too, answering questions, and am available to help as you build your experience. It doesn’t take long to get started at all!