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The wealth of knowledge and valuable network inside can significantly increase your income through this untapped revenue stream. Current members typically earned several times the annual membership fee in their very first transaction. And you won't believe how easy it is to become a collectibles advisor!
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Should I donate this or do you think it's worth money?
I know this is worth something, but I have no idea where to sell it.
My grandmother gave this to me, so I don't want to just donate it.

Sound familiar?

If you get questions like these from your clients, then you need The Keys Guild!

The Keys Guild is right for you if:

  • You want to help your clients even more than you do already AND earn extra income while you're at it.

  • You want to do less of the heavy-lifting and earn considerably more per hour than you do organizing.

  • You want to separate yourself from other professionals in your industry and bring even more value to your clients.


I recently joined The Keys Guild and with just one client I was able to earn more than the cost of the annual membership as well as add value to my clients. Being a Keys Guild member is a perfect link between helping clients understand the value of their items and being able to offer suggestions for selling purposes. Charles Tinsley is a knowledgeable source and his years in the industry mean he has connections in many areas that enable us to give our clients the best return on their items. I ABSOLUTELY recommend The Keys Guild.” — Kirsten Ranger
Organized & Orderly President/Owner


Being a Keys Guild member has definitely added a valuable service to my organizing business and I often net more money than my hourly rate. Clients are amazed when I can sell items that they thought were just ‘stuff’ and net them some cash they otherwise would have missed. And I make money in the process. Everyone wins! And through Charles’ knowledge, courses, and connections, my clients can feel like they’re getting the most money possible. I highly recommend joining The Keys Guild!” — Annie Amoon Richard
Amoon's Custom Organizing Owner, Certified Professional Organizer

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Members Only Access to Resources & Rates That Will Help You AND Your Clients Earn More

Risk-Free 24 Hour Trial Membership.
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All Member Video Events to Increase Your Knowledge & Help Your Clients More

All Member Special Presentations to Gain Confidence as a Collectibles Advisor

Keys Guild Newsletter that Will Keep You Informed on Ways You Can Earn Money For Yourself AND Your Clients

Industry Expert Access That Places You Ahead of Other Professionals in Your Industry

Facebook Private Group to Connect With Other Professional Organizers Who Have Already Earned Significant Amounts of Extra Income With The Keys Guild

Member Message Portal to Connect With Professionals Who Can Answer Your Questions

Broaden Your Business Through Private Coaching Opportunities That Leverage Charles Tinsley’s 17 Years of Industry Knowledge

Private Mastermind Opportunities to Grow This Untapped Revenue Stream

Increase Your Knowledge & Confidence Through All Access to Training Course Videos

Earn More Than You Can Through Estate or Online Sales Via Industry Perks & Discounts


I’m soooo happy I joined The Keys Guild for so many reasons but here are my top three! #3 I recouped the annual dues after my second client. #2 I learn new things each week either through expert tutorials or through my clients. #1 My clients L.O.V.E. that I can provide them information about their precious goods and how best to move them to new homes. My advice helps them get cash for their items or lets them know it’s ok to donate when they don’t know the value themselves. Like organizing, this new skill helps my clients find relief from the burden of their things in either a financial form or psychologically because they now know they aren’t donating something that they suspected was worth something. Win/Win!!” — Debby Rogers
Upcycle Organizing Chief Optimizer


I joined The Keys Guild last summer and it has become an instrumental part of my business. With my very first client after joining, I recouped the cost of an annual membership for the next 9 years! I charged him a very low fee because he was my first client and I still made over $2,700. Since then, I’ve continued to make at least a few hundred with each transaction, but most importantly I feel like my clients are getting the best deal by going through me. The Keys Guild helps so much with items clients have trouble letting go of because they were passed down, might be worth something, or they just don’t know how to sell. The Keys Guild has even brought a new set of clients to my doorstep. It’s so much more than I ever expected!” — Kiera Malowitz
DFW Decluttered LLC, Declutter Coach & Organizer

How would
it change your
business to...

Drastically increase revenue with a surprisingly straightforward skillset.

Have the ability to identify what is valuable and what is not for your clients

Ease your clients' fears around letting go of something valuable or their embarrassment by their lack of knowledge.

join the keys guild now

Feel confident in your capability to explain why something is NOT valuable, and which items are hidden treasures that can earn clients money.

Access a network of collectors that will allow your clients to earn more on their valuable items.

Have clients tell you, "I feel SO much better about letting this go now," when you can explain why something is NOT highly valuable.

Hear clients say, "I feel like I'm at an Antiques Roadshow, this is so fun!"

Frequently Asked Questions

You actually don’t! The magic of The Keys Guild is that you’ll have access to a nationwide network of collectors and experts who will become your resources. Created with professional organizers in mind, The Keys Guild is specifically designed to connect organizers with the right experts so you won’t have to become an expert yourself, but simply an advisor and consultant.